"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman "

Past Life Regression

Now you have the opportunity to ask personal questions of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Ancestors and receive direct answers while Rev. Mychael is in a trance state. This healing session takes place in a séance setting with the highest vibration of Light attainable.

Mychael is completely in trance, therefore, the vibration and information you receive is directly from Spirit.  This healing experience opens doors for people that are amazing! You can search the globe and never find a clearer connection. This service is only available to the public through the physical phenomena mediumship of Rev. Mychael Shane and his willingness and desire to help heal the world, one individual at a time.

Session lasts approximately 30-60 minutes and are in-person. Your first 3 sessions are to be scheduled 1 week apart, after that it is the scheduling is more flexible.
Session: $125.00