Trance Channelling Training

Trance Channeling Workshop


Our body can act as a vehicle to accommodate more than and be controlled by more than 1 spirit.  We will learn how to step out of our physical body (induce Out-Of-Body Experiences - OBE) and connect with our spiritual bodies without initiating physical death.

Out of our body, we will allow our trusted Spiritual Guides & Teachers to use our vehicle, to communicate and connect with the individuals present.  At this point we may have no idea what is going on in our physical body as we are on our own voyage in the astral worlds or beyond.

We will develop our ability to go out of our bodies and gain a higher understanding of the structure of reality and life itself in the subtler realities.  From our OBE's we can come to know, from direct experience, how our different bodies and chakras are connected and work together to create this human experience and that which is beyond our normal human experience.

We will cover and implement protocols for protection while out of the body and for day-to-day life. There will be detailed information on how to discern which spirit are benevolent and which are not, preventive negative experiences from happening.  The information covered and experiences gained will help give us tools to heal internal issues (physical, emotional and spiritual).

There are no prerequisites for this class but a working knowledge of ESP and spiritual gifts may help quicken the minds ability to accept these new experiences in one’s life.



8 hour workshop over the course of 2 days.

Class will begin on Saturdays either the end of January or beginning of February 2018

There will be supplemental online material to be studied and students will receive an audio file/cd of the workshop recording



Location:  Mill Creek, Washington

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