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Scientific Evidence of Physical Mediumship

Scientific Evidence of Physical Phenomena

In 2016 & 2017, Rev. Mychael Shane visited and worked at the Basel Psi Institute (german website) in Switzerland. There he was tested by a university professor named Eckhard Kruse who has been investigating Physical Phenomena to better understand how it works.  He has written a wonderful report on his 2016 findings.  It is easy to read and has a short but very interesting video, taken with a thermo imaging camera, of one of Rev. Mychael Shane's materialization séances (done in the dark).  Click on the image below to go to the article.

Results of 2016 Scientific Investigation (click on image)


The data from the 2017 is still being analyzed. When it is ready we will post it. In the meantime we have some thermo imaging pictures from 2017 and comments from Eckhard about them.

Eckhard comments " There is a hand and forearm coming out of the cabinet almost up to the elbow, it has no handcuffs (Rev. Shane was secured with handcuffs at the beginning of the séance), and it is hard to imagine how you could move within the cabinet to bring your own arm into that position without touching the curtain or being otherwised noticed. But, regarding shape and size the hand and arm do not seem to differ visibly from you own. "


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