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What is Psychometry?

What is Psychometry? (PSY)

Have you ever touched someone or something and gotten some kind of message — such as ideas, pictures, or words? While shopping in an antique store, do you pick up impressions about certain pieces? You are experiencing this phenomenom?

It is the art of interpreting the psychic vibrations contained in objects. Sometimes referred to as "psychic touch," it is the ability to read an object's history or the history of those who may have handled it. While it deals most often with the past, it may often reflect present states as well. It is often used in cases of missing persons.

The reader can touch an object the person has worn or touched, usually an article of clothing, to get intuitive impressions of the person’s whereabouts.

Some common items used in its practice are rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches. Any of these items will hold information about the wearer, such as thoughts, their emotional state, and sufficient events affecting the person’s life.

Through psychometry, a story unfolds that describes not only the events of a person's life, but also how the person is feeling, thinking and reacting to these events. In order to receive clear information, the object should belong to and have been worn only by the person getting the reading.

The following exercises are very basic in psychometry, but they will help you learn to develop your psychometry abilities, individually and in groups. Everyone has this ability to some degree, but most of us don't focus on it consciously. With practice, you may become proficient in a very helpful tool. And as I always say, only use your gifts for your highest good. Any attempt to intrude on someone’s life without their permission is not only inappropriate, but clearly an invasion of privacy.

Which Hand To Use

The hand you use to get impressions from objects of very important. Your dominant hand gives or relays information, while your non-dominant or receptive hand receives information. Your receptive hand is the correct hand to use.

The following is a simple test to find out which hand is most receptive. It is very important that you do this, as you will always use this hand to receive impressions, at least until you have become so accurate that you can use either hand.

For most right-handed people, the left hand is the receptive hand. For left-handed people, the right hand is likely to be the receptive hand. If you are in doubt, or were changed from a left-hander to a right-hander as a child, the following test can be used to discover which is which.

          1. Hold both hands at chest level with fingertips pointing up and palms facing each other.

          2. Rub hands together very lightly to stimulate the energy flow.

          3. Move your hands closer together, then apart, feeling the flow of energy.

          4. Whichever hand feels stronger, or that it is emitting stronger energy, that is your dominant hand. The other is your non-dominant or receptive hand. Always use your receptive hand in psychometry.

When you are beginning your work in psychometry, always pick up or touch an object with your receptive hand. If you pick up the object with your dominant hand, you may inadvertently transmit an impression as you do.

Form a habit of using your receptive hand to take things from others, and to pick up something you may intend to use. This will be a challenge in psychometry, as you are probably used to picking things up and holding things with your dominant hand, but this practice will help you to remember to use your receptive hand for psychometric work.

Rev. Mychael Shane teaches classes on psychometry and for those interested you can see him use this ability during his Billet Readings.

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