Messages From Masters

Messages From The Masters

Messages From The Masters

A compilation of messages from different Ascended Masters received by Rev. Mychael Shane.  These were on his previous website and worth saving.  The applicability of these words don't bare the constraints of time.  May the messages herein be useful to you and elevate your consciousness.  

Lord Buddha - "You Are Not Ready Yet"

Greetings To You All,

While I sit in my enlightened state, I have come to realize you are not ready. You’re not ready to have a mate, for you have not found who you are. You must learn who you are before you accept a mate and you must not accept this mate until you have learned who they are. Some of you seek out a soul mate, this is not the way of the Christ. You seek out your twin flame, connect and illuminate one another with each flame as it glows and illuminates. Once this occurs, you have created a torch of flaming light that bonds your souls together for all eternity, but wait, you are not ready. Focus on who you are. Remove the inner doubt and disbelief of who you are. Remove the insecurities you manifest every day. Allow yourself to be happy, for if you bring this soul into a time you are not ready, the opportunity will be lost and the relationship will be short. Be patient my students and allow yourself to know, discern and learn who and what you are, and what you need and want. Know the truth of who you wish to be and bring that to you in a mate. Be willing to express yourself in the vibration of truth and be willing to listen to this potential mate as they express themselves as well. Be happy, but wait, you are not ready. How can you be ready when you are miserable every day? How can you be ready when you dwell on that which makes you unhappy? How can you be ready if you manifest dysfunction in your reality you call life? You can heal, but wait, are you ready? If your answer is yes, then begin without doubt and go up the road of resolution and truth of knowing. And then the doors will open and you will finally find that which you have been looking for many lifetimes. You will find it impossible in this vibration to stop laughing, to stop smiling. There will never be an experience or a thought that is negative. But wait, I know in my heart you are truly ready. My dearest students, I Lord Gautama Buddha, say unto you, you have always had the power to find the truth as Dorothy did with the ruby slippers. You are my light and you will always shine, and if you fall now you can learn to stand up again and arise in thanks for the opportunities. I go now in peace, but wait, I will always be with you.
Lord Buddha

Lord Maitreya - "Pressure"

Greetings My Children,

We in Shamballa and in the universe are very much aware that the time you are in presently is filled with pressure, stress, anxiety, tension and financial turmoil. I implore you not to feel alone as an individual, for this is happening to everyone. The reason is there is a process taking place in the evolution of your existence. There has been a vibration, a life force, around you called the age of the male power. Now the power has changed to the age of the feminine power. In order for you as a people and as a spirit to walk through the door of this change, it is required of you to remove all and everything that is connected to negative residue, such as anger, guilt, fear and sadness; to cut the chains once and for all to that which is not conducive to who you are. This is an “in time and on time” necessity. All of you will have to experience this in different capacities. In order to integrate into the feminine power, recognizing this has nothing to do with gender, more of an intergalactic spiritual life force and consciousness, one must learn to take responsibility. One must also create affirmations and everyday meditations allowing yourself to flow through the cosmic flame; cleansing your spirit so the connection to your physical will strengthen. Align your chakras so you may produce a higher level of an immune system allowing the species of human life to heal from all things. The physical is the easiest and the first to go, then we work on the mental, and then the emotional, which will be the hardest. Last but not least, you work and heal the spiritual; therefore, allowing the fleshy substance you call skin to dissipate; and an explosion of light, illuminating colors not yet experienced, will not onl universe. Once this energy calms you will notice you just created your light body, which will then for all eternity, connect to the vibrational body, body number eight (8). Now you will have the power to exist just like the angelic bodies. It is very important to you to utilize affirmations, so let me give you an example:

I Am the epitome of beauty
I Am the Lord thy God
I Am the Christ Consciousness
I Am Love
I cannot be removed from positive feelings for the negative does not exist
I Am the definition of happy and will move forward to help others feel the same
I have purpose
I Am necessary and my appearance in the physical body is the appearance of absolute perfection IAmwhatIAm
I Am who I Am
I Am Love
As it is so, as it will always be

My children please take this opportunity to use my words. You will be welcomed in a place of many mansions of light. Your sadness will melt away, as will your anger, guilt and fear. There will be no hate, only love. There will be no war, only peace. And you will live with companionship, and be held and treated with the utmost softness the heart can create and offer. I promise you this for I live in this vibration every day. Create beauty in this world. Give an act of kindness to someone. Help a stranger. Give of what you can to those that have not. Tithe to the heart and not to religion, for when you give to yourself happiness your religion becomes your way of life and God’s heart grows. I wish to end this by saying to you all, there are no mistakes and you have done nothing wrong. I am proud of each and every one of you. Keep the high mind and live in high heart. I love you for all time.
Namaste, Lord Maitreya

The Count Saint Germain

Greetings Children of God,

My dear friends, we have traveled through many, many vast universes, gone through many experiences, trials, tribulations and created blocks and held on to our emotions, mostly the bad. And when you look at this, one could consider, that this sounds quite unnecessary and negative. I am here today within the vibration of the infinite Violet Flame to open the door to the realization that what all you have gone through in the past and in other periods of life, has been a lesson, an education, a learning experience that has made you, my friends, knowledgeable, stronger and a heart to match God and that level of vibration itself. It is not necessary for you my friends to hold onto such negative polarity, for it is not conducive to who and which you are, which is light. We are all connected to this light, we are one intricate vibration of wholeness, designed in detail by our Lord that which we call God, the creator of the vast universe in which we exist. It is far as I am concerned, with which you believe is God, is no matter. For your belief is valid. What you have learned through these experiences is the truth, the only illusion, comes when you, my friends, think less of yourself and live in insecurity and negative levels of vibration. I say unto you all now, that the time is not coming. I will not even say the time is now. Within this truth, the time IS. Act upon it, be one with it, create a playing field, a universe if you will, of your own. And, create it and that within it, which is conducive to who you are and what makes you happy. Worry not my friends, all this is the truth and you will create your own truth from the vibration and intelligence of this knowledge. In regards to your economy within the physical plane you exist, I will say again, worry not. Create that which is only resolution to the said before comment. Your economy will find a way to adapt because life must and will go on. And the collapse of the government and economies of your world would only cause an unnecessary hiccup, loss of life, loss of property, loss of friends, loss of family, a loss on every level; therefore, I am telling you once again, worry not, for I am with you and these things will not come to fruition. As our brother, Lord Kuthumi once stated, the only end and change in our present and future, create what you will and alleviate the old way of thinking. I bid all of you much joy. I bid you love. I am the Light and you my friends, are my joy. I bid you good day.
The Count St. Germain


I Babaji will come and with my coming We the Masters will bring forth and intensify the Ascension Fire.  You will simply have to get over your desire to be the one who is set apart.  There is a victory to be won, a battle to enter. We are in the midst now as We have always been.   Therefore, gaze into Our Eyes and know that We love you.  We will declare ourselves and We will come.  Now then, prove your discipleship by being aware of Our Vibration and Our Presence.  It is up to you to know the Teacher and the Guru.  I AM here, where are you I ask, O souls who call to ME, but have removed yourselves from among the psychics and their imitation of Our Light?

Call on Me and I will come bringing that inner light you have called on and you will receive it and know it is I.  Do not be surprise when your world is disturbed, for surely it will be as long as you call on My Name and use it in your service.  Come into the law of God the One, set aside that psychic activity and personality cult and come into the Law of the One.

There is no time for dalliance and separation from God.  This is the time the Body of God should wake up!  I say to you this is no time to go into Nirvana.  The cycles of the Buddha are to come out from Nirvana and be here where life is suffering.  I demand that you take the Violet Flame if you desire to continue to have Our Sponsorship in the many varied activities and schools following the Masters of India.  The Violet Flame is Our Coming, and We Are One with the Violet Flame.

Master Emil

Greetings to all,

Why are we here? Why do we do the things that we do? Why do we fear and continue to step into the void of fear? Why is it that we choose to ride the path of unhappiness, when there is so much more? You ask how can I change? How can things be different? In the life that you lead. How can we take that turn into the light? I am here to say, to love, to give, to be and take this principal and make it your life. Not a belief system, but a way of life. Empower it within your own heart and giveth of the fruits to those that need. And to remember to forgive those that have wronged you and then most importantly forgive yourself. And be in the infinite love as Jesus was when he passed into the world of ascension and the world felt that love. I am the holy divine, I am the light, follow me. For I will direct you and lead you into the truth that you seek. I am Emil, the keeper of the pink flame,


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