Group Classes

Mychael has over 24 years of experience in Physical Mediumship.  He offers many types of classes that combine theory and hands on learning.  He lovingly says "The classes can be fun but must be taken seriously.  It is a great responsibility to develop these abilities, patience and discipline are a necessity.  If you are by chance lacking in patience and discipline, start with the mediation class."  More information coming soon!


Development Class

This class is designed to help people connect to their spiritual gifts. Everybody has gifts/abilities, it's just  about finding it, embracing it and being able to use it.


Basic Mediumship

This is an introductory course where students are taught how to open up to mediumship. Different kinds of mediumship are explored to see which one they have an affinity for.  


Intermediate Mediumship

In the intermediate level we focus more on developing our ability to go into trance.  We start to explore the higher levels of different kinds of mediumship.  Students are required to build a seance cabinet and order a trumpet.  


Advanced Mediumship

 We train the students to go deeper into trance and test their abilities in mental and physical mediumship. We help lift the student up to where they can actually see, feel and experience the Ascended Masters for themselves. 


Master Class

This is an opportunity to learn and go deeper into the teachings, history and vibrations of various Ascended Masters.  You learn who your master teacher is and connect with your entourage such as your spirit guide, angelic guide, elemental guide, animal guide etc...


Mystery School

Acceptance into the mystery school must be approved by the Masters of Shamballah.  Examples of things discussed, explored and experienced are the whereabouts and origin of God, how angels and human beings were created,  and more...


Meditation Class

The meditations are run by Babaji, done mostly with him either in Mychael's body (trance embodiment) or in a séance setting. He takes you off into the vast universe and disciplines your mind.

Other Classes

Mychael also teaches classes on past life regression, crystal light energy healing (a healing technique taught to him by Gautama Buddha), psychometry, billet reading and more.