Frequently Asked Questions

Browse away!  Read up on some of the questions that are asked often about Rev. Mychael Shane and the work that he does.  Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions and we may just add them to our list!

What is a Seance & How do they work?

A seance is a communication from the physical to the etherical world, where people have an opportunity to speak with Spirit and experience phenomena created by Spirit. For the billet reading & apportation, it can be done in a lit room.  For other phenomena (such as materialization) it is done in a pitch black room.

For dark room séances, in a controlled environment, Mychael goes into a deep state of trance and leaves his body. The Ascended masters or spirit world, use his energy called ectoplasm to manipulate and manifest physical objects, including their bodies.  It's not their physical body it is called a pseudopod. A pseudopod is anything formed or shaped out of ectoplasm. In this deep trance, Mychael does not remember anything that has happened when it is over. He sits inside of a cabinet, which is an enclosed area that helps the medium concentrate their etheric energies and protects them from disturbances

To assist in building the energies in the room, the sitters of the circle will be asked to sing and chant in unison at different intervals. Often times Master Lady Nada will come through the séance trumpet (during dark room séances) at the beginning and guide the group to raise their vibration.

What types of phenomena might I experience?

Movement of Objects: Ectoplasm can be used to move objects. The séance trumpet may often be levitated and moved around the room depending on the mood of the Master. A glow in the dark band placed on one end, helps the sitters see the levitating trumpet.

Spiritual / Physical / Mental / Emotional Healing:  People often have profound experiences that assist in the removal of pain, dis-ease, illnesses, trauma and other agencies of disharmony.  As these aspects or blockages are removed, their being is able to create the healing necessary and return to a state of well-being on many levels.

Direct Voice: is when The Masters speak to the sitters using their real voice. This is from a pseudopod (ectoplasm) voice box copied from my own that forms inside the seance trumpet.

Independent voice: is where the Masters materializes through an ectoplasm cloud and communicates form their own voice box.

Apportations: are gifts from Masters, materialized in the room via the medium. Oftentimes gems carrying specific frequencies for specific individuals will be given to help them in their lives. Other items may be Apported as well such as heirlooms, animals, jewelry…

Materializations: are when Masters use ectoplasm to create a physical copy of themselves. During materializations they may walk around the room, touch different individuals, give healings etc. At times certain protocols may be in place for Materialization Seances, and you will be informed at the beginning of what to do/not to do in order to maintain the harmony of the séance.


What is ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm is the matter that spirit extracts from a medium. It is an esoteric energy similar to the spinal fluid in the physical body and is controlled to perform physical phenomena.   It is derived from the energy of our finer/subtler bodies and usually arises from different orifices or energy centers of the body.  It may or may not be visible.

What is a pseudopod?

A pseudopod is anything formed or shaped out of ectoplasm.  It can be anything from a voicebox within the séance trumpet giving the spirit the opportunity to speak, or it could be a materialized hand. Its not really the hand of the individual, it is a copy or mold of the indivduals hand.

What is Physical Mediumship vs Mental Mediumship?

Mental mediumship is where an individual receives messages from deceased loved ones or other forms of consciousness through their senses. Physical mediumship is where physical phenomena start to happen. That is objective phenomena that everyone experiences.  For instance, the movement of objects in the room while the medium is bound. TransPhysical phenomena is where I go into a trance and unbelievable things occurs such as materializations, apportations (teleportations of objects form one place/dimension to another), communication, etc... And all of this is the doing of the spirit and not the medium.

What is the benefit of experiencing physical phenomena?

The benefit of it is learning that there is something else. That there is more out there in this world and that there is life after death.  Experiencing this phenomena first hand can cause people to question things about reality and who they are and what they are capable of.

What is apportation & How does it work?

Apportation is like teleportation. Where u take an object or individual and transport it from one point to another through physical space and time.

It works by moving objects through inter-dimensional vortexes.  You take the physical point A and point B, you fold space and time, putting them in the same space and you direct the object through the vortex (point A) and the moment it enters it appears at its destination (point B).

What is billet reading?

This is a process that involves placing a secretly written question on a notecard, with a number and/or your initials on the other side.   I will have my eyes covered by 2 silver dollar coins, which are taped in place and two blindfolds are secured over the coins/eyes to block out all sight.  I then takes the billets one by one and  attempts to name the number and answer the question contained within via Mediumship and Psychometry.  My Spiritual Guides will tell me the answer to your question. In the event the energies diminish and a question is not read through this process, I will attend to the questions at the end.  During the course of the evening there will be an overall message given to the participants and healing energies from the higher realms of Shamballah directed to the participants to assist each individual to open up to their heart-mind and higher consciousness.

How do materializations work?

The spirit world isn't where the dead go, it's where the life force goes and there is a life force/spirit in everything.  If you look at an object, there is an energy around it that you can see by doing kirlian photography. You can take that energy by connecting to the consciousness of your heart and manipulate that energy. In a materialization, the energy is turned in a counterclockwise movement  and then as the energy, called ectoplasm, starts to come through me, it is reversed to a clockwise direction.   And from the heart consciousness of the spirit involved, the energy (ectoplasm) starts to take shape.  The medium is only the vehicle and they do only very little, it is the spirit that does most of the work.

What is a red light seance?

A red light séance gives the sitter the opportunity to experience apportation, levitation and ectoplasm with their naked eye and in some cases even touch the ectoplasm.  It is done with red lights that illuminate the medium.

Where do you go during your seances?

My consciousness leaves my body and I go to my happy place. It is a place that was once a void where I created my own little world. It is kind of a tropical rainforest and I go and play with my animals and talk to the angels and elementals.  Other times I go on different astral voyages.

Why do you use a cabinet?

It is a security blanket for the medium but it is also a sacred space where energies are created. If that energy is created infront of a bunch of people that are not prepared for that kind of energy, it can enter their body and harm them (like a short-circuit). The cabinet is designed in a geometrical way where the energy stays within.

Why are seances in darkness?

Because the light has a negative effect on the ectoplasm causing it to dissipate.

Why are séances done in controlled conditions?

Mainly for the safety of the people and the medium.  The vortexes created within the cabinet may hurt individuals unprepared for it.  Also any inappropriate activity could be harmful to the medium or end the séance prematurely.  Therefore in dark room séances we ask that nobody brings in anything that creates any light or sound (most often cell phones, unless given permission to do so).

The medium himself is 'controlled', by this we mean he may be chained, handcuffed, mouth ducktapped, video taped with a thermo imaging camera (scientists only)  etc... to help make it more believable that the medium isn't doing any fraudulent activity.

Why is ectoplasm sensitive to light?

It comes from a different realm and has a different polarity.  That polarity is weaker than the polarity of physical white light causing the white light of this dimension to affect the ectoplasm.  It is possible to take pictures using a flash bulb, red light or black light as these lights do not generate the same effect as quickly as white light.

Why do you apport through your body?

That’s a personal choice in a way. I feel if a cloud appears above everybody and objects fall on the floor, that it is great but when objects come out of the body, it has a greater impact on people.  This gives more people an opportunity to think and question. I am not expecting people to believe but to use their own intelligence to discern and think about what occurred.