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Holiday Discounts!

Holiday Discounts! T'is the Season

This season we have 4 different packages to help you save money and connect with Rev. Mychael & The Ascended Masters wherever you might be!

Package 1 ~ $120:

Attend all 3 Holiday events, December 2,9 & 30th (save $30) 

Package 2 ~ $300:

Attend all 3 Holiday events, get a Private Talk with The Masters, a Channeled Reading and an Apport from Archangel Mychael (save $150) 

Package 3 ~ $300 - $375:

Receive 3x Past Life Regressions OR 3x Crystal Light Energy Healing and save $75 OR receive a free Private Talk with The Masters (you choose)

Package 4 ~ $200:

Receive 2 Channeled Readings (save $50)


Not sure what these services or events are? Click on the buttons next to me.

*Some conditions do apply for the packages so please keep reading!


***Packages 1, 2 & 3 are appropriate for people who live in or are visiting Washington state. The events and treatments take place in Mill Creek, Washington.   Package 3 cannot be used when Rev. Mychael is working out of state and visiting your area.  The prices have not been agreed upon with the person or group hosting him (If you are hosting Rev. Mychael & interested in the packages or offering them to your group let us know).

***Package 4 is designed for those in and out of state/overseas. Channeled readings can be done in person, over skype or the phone. 

***All the items in the package are valid until December 10th, 2018 and must be used before then.

***Package must be paid for in full before using it.

***You can purchase these packages up until Jan 1st, 2018 however the Holiday events are only applicable to the December 2,9, & 30th, 2017 events.

***If you purchase package 3, there is a protocol (specific scheduling) to be followed in order for you to receive the most amount of benefits and be protected during your healing process. Please see Crystal Light Energy Healing & Past Life Regression for more information.

To purchase a package please Contact Us.

Soon we will have a store up & running to make this easier!

Have a beautiful & blessed Holiday Season!