Introduction to The Ascended Masters of Shamballah

Course: Introduction to The Ascended Masters of Shamballah



Very few people know and understand who and/or what the Ascended Masters of Shamballah are. We will be exploring in depth this topic of benevolent and enlightened Beings, their purpose here on earth, their histories and the history of Shamballah. Participants will come to know who their Master Teachers and Guides are and how to connect with them and utilize this divine relationship. We will explore the philosophy and teachings of the Masters and do meditations to help us experience their vibrations and manifold manifestations (such as corresponding divine Flames and Rays).

We will learn about the manifold manifestations of creation (different color Flames, lights and dimension) and how we can apply this knowledge to our own spiritual path. Learning about the lives of the Masters does not only help us connect to them and their vibration, but to also help us understand the divine qualities in their lives that they emulated and taught. Some of us will find inspiration in their lives and attempt to emulate those same qualities in our own. These qualities that we are attracted to, are actually a reflection of our own vibration, of who we truly are and as such you will be learning about yourself and your particular way of expressing your divinity in this lifetime.

There is a great hierarchy of Beings and seen from a human linear perspective it looks somewhat like a pyramid, with Unity/God/Oneness at the top. It is our best effort to describe the multi layered dimensions of reality in our human language. We will explore this hierarchy, the history of the Kumara tribe, a race of beings who helped nourish the seeds of divinity of this planet and learn about the quality of this dimensions (such as the Elysian fields). The theory part of this class is to help our mind open to greater possibilities and realms of creation, in doing so we activate our innate abilities to experience and allow these things to come into our daily consciousness. This helps us experience this knowledge first hand, from our own direct experience and creates deep wisdom and transformation within. Our beliefs about reality, shape our experience with it. Come expand your beliefs with us and invite your multi-dimensional Self to bring new experiences into your everyday life.

** Class includes a Lecture & Apportation Séance that will be done near the end of the 3 months for all participants that have been physically present. If an out of town student desires to attend this séance in person, one can do so for an additional fee. Please in inquire if interested.

In person OR via Webinar



1 x week, in the evenings (lasts 2-3 hours) for 8 weeks

Location:  Bothell, Washington

Included Material:
Book on the Ascended Masters of Shamballah and Cds

**Students attending via podcast can purchase the hardcopy of materials for $40 + Shipping/Handling

In-Person Cost:
$550 for all 8 weeks (Includes: book, cd and seance)

Cost to attend via Podcast: $350 for all weeks (includes e-copy of materials and recorded class, audio of seance)

Available Payment Plans (In-person attendees only):

• 1 installment of $550, paid by January 17th, 2018 and receive the Babaji Black Flame Meditation and apport as a gift.
• 2 installments of $275 (first installment is due by January 17th, 2018 and second by February 12th. 2018.

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