Advanced Physical Phenomena Mediumship Training

Course: Advanced Physical Phenomena Mediumship Training Phase 1


This class will focus on the creation of physical phenomena such as the production of ectoplasm necessary for the manifestations of pseudopods with our heart consciousness, the full materialization of Spirit, including direct/indirect voice communication with Spirit. We will go over the rules of engagement with Spirit and the importance of protocol (i.e., protection, working with one’s Spirit Guides, etc.). Each student will be expected to make their own Meditation Cabinet to aid in this form of mediumship (details will be given on how to do this).

Everyone wants to know what their connection to God is, why they are here and who they are. This class is designed to open up the individual’s connection to the ethereal world. It is not just for individuals who want to become “Physical Mediums” but for anyone looking to strengthen their conscious connection to their higher self and develop their intuitive abilities. From direct experience, their understanding between the physical world and more subtle realms will increase and they will come to their own answers to the questions above.

Connecting to our higher self creates and enables healing and experiencing existence in its truest form. Eventually, from direct experience, we will come to know that there is no separation between the worlds. This opens up an individual to their infinite truth which sets them free from the human incarnational cycle and open to receiving and giving unconditional love.

Prior experience and/or training with this form of mediumship not required but is certainly advantageous. Individuals applicants will go through an evaluation and screening process with Rev. Mychael Shane to see if it is appropriate for them to take this class or to start with another one to better prepare the student.

This 8 week course is Phase 1 of Advanced Physical Phenomena Training, Phase 2 would begin next year (2019) around the same time.  Phase 2 will be focused on apportation (the process of manifesting sacred objects), transfiguration (changing of bodily form) and precipitation art (art done by Spirit).  Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 (throughout the year) there will be workshops to help deepen one’s progress and  connection to Spirit.  Students wishing to continue to Phase 2 will be expected to take at least 2 of the available workshops (cost independent of this course). 

Private Training is also available to students wishing to advance further in the development of their abilities.  The cost is $100/hour

Requirements for Training: 

As part of training, it is imperative to understand and adhere to protocol for the purposes of safety for the medium and sitters, as well as, what can impact the emotional state of an individual that is attempting to go into trance.  Additional explanation will be provided on the below protocol at the time of screening and if the student is cleared to proceed with this course.  

  • Within a 12 hour period of the class, you cannot engage in tobacco or any kind of mind altering substance (drugs or alcohol). Note: if you are on prescribed medication, please discuss this at the time of the screening with Rev. Mychael Shane or if this becomes necessary at some time during the course of your training.
  • The day of training, you cannot eat anything that has had a consciousness (any animal, including eggs).
  • Up to 5 hours before the class, you can only drink water or freshly squeezed juices.
  • As a student advances in one’s development these requirements will change, with the exception for mind altering substances.



2 x’s per week, 8 weeks total. Class starts beginning of February

·       1 weekday evening class (approx. 2 hours)

·       1 Saturday afternoon class (approx. 4 hrs)

Location:  Mill Creek, Washington

Included Materials:

·       Audio recording of the classes

·       Certificate of Completion

$2600 for 8 weeks (Phase 1)

Additional costs:

Meditation Cabinet: The cheapest you can make it for is perhaps $300. Once registered we can give you more details how build this.  It is a PVC frame with a curtain (of natural fiber) of red or violet/purple material

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