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Dr. Wayne Dyer meets Mychael Shane

February, 2012
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer meets Mychael Shane and asks us all to “being open to all things being possible”.


Rev. Mychael Shane: Red Light Seance with Ectoplasm Materialization & Apports

January, 2017
Red Light Seance with Phenomena #1 ~ January 28, 2017
This is a video clip done via infrared technology during a red light séance capturing Rev. Shane in trance and producing ectoplasm out of the mouth, ears and right eye.  What you see in front of the medium is an expanded séance trumpet.

Red Light Seance with Phenomena #2 ~ January 28, 2017
This video illustrates the apportation process which occurred at the end of the red light seance.  Rev. Shane, via a vortex under his tongue, brings through various silver coins.  You can hear the cracking of his jaw during this process.  While he does feel discomfort, the majority of his pain is alleviated from the vibration he is enveloped in by the Ascended Beings of Shamballa.  These coins were energized and gifted by Master St. Germain, the Master of the Violet Flame.             

Rev. Mychael Shane: Psychic Medium, Channels Saint Germain, Apportations Event

November, 2011
Rev. Mychael sharing his truth and experience with the Ascended Masters and apportation event.


A Thousand Jewels from Heaven with Rev. Mychael Shane

Part I -- Part II
February 1, 2012

Testimonial of Student: Cristiana Abreu

February, 2012
Student, Cristiana Abreu, shares her experience since working with Mychael Shane and the Ascended Masters, and how it has changed her life.

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