Sessions with Mychael Shane


Mychael's Love is boundless and his dedication to the Masters' plan on earth is inspirational ...he truly changed my life ...deeply greatful ...thanks Mychael.
~ Sam B.

Thank God for you being on the planet! You are truly a gift! Thank you for your generous healings and your Ascended Masters. Looking forward to the future with your work and others. Also, thank God for your humor!
~ Michelle M.

My healing and development work with Mychael and the Masters has opened my heart to all possibilities, enabled me to discover my truth and honor my son for the beautiful individualized spirit he is. Thank you so much!
~ Cristiana A.

 Private healing and development sessions are offered with Mychael. While most sessions are provided in a tranquil setting, Rev. Mychael does offer channeled readings over the phone.  For more information, contact or call (425) 971-6632.
NEW SERVICE ~ Paranormal Activity & Spirit Removal:
Do you hear things go bump in the night or simply do not feel like you are in control of your feelings and emotions?  Rev. Shane has trained with the Ascended Masters and is experienced in assessing and removing spirit attachments and infestations.  An initial assessment of the presence of such phenomena and/or attachment will be conducted in your home, followed by the removal process (this may be scheduled at a separate time).

Assessment: $75.00
Removal Process: Starting at $150 (Price will depend on type of removal and severity)
Call (425) 877-5530 to make appointment.
Private Talk with the Masters:
Now you have the opportunity to ask personal questions of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Ancestors and receive direct answers while Rev. Mychael is in a trance state. This healing session takes place in a séance setting with the highest vibration of Light attainable. Mychael is completely in trance, therefore, the vibration and information you receive is directly from Spirit.  

This healing experience opens doors for people that are amazing! You can search the globe and never find a clearer connection. This service is only available to the public through the physical phenomena mediumship of Rev. Mychael Shane and his willingness and desire to help heal the world, one individual at a time.

Session lasts approximately 30 minutes and are in-person.
Session: $175.00 

Crystal Light Energy Healing:
Using crystals, sacred oils (charged by the Ascended Masters), incense, teas, tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls this session will realign your chakras, balance energies and remove energetic blockages.

Session lasts approximately 75 minutes and are in-person; done in series of 3 appointments and typically 2 weeks apart.

Per Session Price: $100.00
Past Life Regression:
A form of light trance is used to look inside your past lives and address issues and energetic blockages preventing you from moving forward in your life. This type of regression is not accomplished by any other professional healer. Rev. Mychael has the ability to see your experience with you and guide you through the experience, thus creating your own awareness and understanding around the issue. This guidance allows you to heal your inner most fear, sadness, and anger so you can move freely into the next level of vibration.

Session lasts approximately 60 minutes and are in-person; done in series of 3 appointments and typically weekly.

Per Session Price: $100.00
Channeled Readings:
This is your opportunity to ask questions about present life issues and receive insight and guidance from both Rev. Mychael and the Masters. This guidance comes directly from your Guides, Angles, and Ascended Masters through Rev. Mychael in a tranquil office setting or over the telephone.
60 Minute Session: $120.00 

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