Master St. Germain

Message from Master St. Germain

Channeled By Mychael Shane
July 2012

Greetings children of God.  My dear friends, we have traveled through many, many vast universes, gone through many experiences, trials, tribulations and created blocks and held on to our emotions, mostly the bad.  And when you look at this, one could consider, that this sounds quite unnecessary and negative.  I am here today within the vibration of the infinite Violet Flame to open the door to the realization that what all you have gone through in the past and in other periods of life, has been a lesson, an education, a learning experience that has made you, my friends, knowledgeable, stronger and a heart to match God and that level of vibration itself.   It is not necessary for you my friends to hold onto such negative polarity, for it is not conducive to who and which you are, which is light.  We are all connected to this light, we are one intricate vibration of wholeness, designed in detail by our Lord that which we call God, the creator of the vast universe in which we exist.  It is far as I am concerned, with which you believe is God, is no matter.  For your belief is valid.  What you have learned through these experiences is the truth, the only illusion, comes when you, my friends, think less of yourself and live in insecurity and negative levels of vibration.  I say unto you all now, that the time is not coming.  I will not even say the time is now.  Within this truth, the time IS.  Act upon it, be one with it, create a playing field, a universe if you will, of your own.  And, create it and that within it, which is conducive to who you are and what makes you happy.  Worry not my friends, all this is the truth and you will create your own truth from the vibration and intelligence of this knowledge.  In regards to your economy within the physical plane you exist, I will say again, worry not.  Create that which is only resolution to the said before comment.  Your economy will find a way to adapt because life must and will go on.  And the collapse of the government and economies of your world would only cause an unnecessary hiccup, loss of life, loss  of property, loss of friends, loss of family, a loss on every level; therefore, I am telling you once again, worry not, for I am with you and these things will not come to fruition.  As our brother, Lord Kuthumi once stated, the only end and change in our present and future, create what you will and alleviate the old way of thinking.  I bid all of you much joy.  I bid you love.  I am the Light and you my friends, are my joy.  I bid you good day.

 The Count St. Germain

©Mychael Shane 2012

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