Mychael's Love is boundless and his dedication to the Masters' plan on earth is inspirational ...he truly changed my life ...deeply greatful ...thanks Mychael.
~ Sam B.

Thank God for you being on the planet! You are truly a gift! Thank you for your generous healings and your Ascended Masters. Looking forward to the future with your work and others. Also, thank God for your humor!
~ Michelle M.

My healing and development work with Mychael and the Masters has opened my heart to all possibilities, enabled me to discover my truth and honor my son for the beautiful individualized spirit he is. Thank you so much!
~ Cristiana A.

Please note, some classes and workshops may require a minimum number of participants.  For more information, contact or call (425) 971-6632 (unless specified otherwise).
New Class! Bothell/Mill Creek, WA ~ Starting Sunday, July 16th!
Divine Feminine Empowerment 

We are a divine embodiment of both masculine and feminine energies.  As we move through life, life after life, the collective of these energies fall out of balance and we ultimately fall out of harmony with our true nature.  We end up creating disparity in our relationships, self-image and sense of Self.  I believe that we as a spiritual being, an infinite vibration of love and light, have the innate ability and propensity to transform…either to shrink within the confines of limited thought forms or to expand and elevate our sheer existence. 


As embodiments of both masculine and feminine energies, it is our time (male and female in gender) to awaken to our true nature, understand how these two inherent vibrations become manifest in our lives, and how we can heal and achieve harmony.  Ultimately, as we fall into balance we truly do become God in action because our potential becomes love in action with compassion, strength, assurance and grace.


This class will be in a group setting, created in sacred space, meaning we can safely share who are and be supported to uncover who we TRULY are...and CELEBRATE each other!

Special message from Lady Master Nada 

What you can expect…

  • Group discussions around specific topics and learning material
  • Individual sharing (to the extent one is comfortable) to facilitate awareness and to learn from each other
  • Introduction to specific Ascended Beings of Shamballah and the Angelic realm, their principles and teachings on the subject of
    • the Divine Feminine and
    • healing as a spiritual being embodying both vibrations of masculine and feminine
  • Meditation, ceremony and affirmations - helping to connect to and understand both vibrations as to achieve balance
  • Learning material, resources and guest speakers
  • Anything you would like to share as an expectation as it aligns with the intent and purpose of this class
  • And finally, to have fun, experience the healing of laughter (and crying if necessary), and meet some of your kindred spirits!


Facilitator: Cristiana Abreu ~ Click here for more...


Important Details:

  • Meet 2x's per month, 1.5 hour classes
  • Cost: $25/person/class; $20/person/class if over the age of 65


Sunday's, 3:00pm-4:30pm

  • START July 16th!
  • Next class will be July 30th...I will provide more details on subsequent dates

Email for questions and to sign-up.
Workshop ~ Bothell/Mill Creek, WA
Healing with Your Native Spirit Guide! 
Connect with nature and your Native Spirit Guide!  This will be a 2 hour workshop where, with your permission, your Native Spirit Guide will integrate into your vibration and through drumming you will be connected to the vibrations of nature for healing on many levels! 

You will not want to miss this and bring your drum!!
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM, doors close at 7:00 PM
Cost: $35/person (Cash, Check)
Location: Bothell/Mill Creek, WA

Limit of 15 participants so please email to reserve your seat today! 

Participants must refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs/medications* 24 hours prior to event/class.  *If you are on prescribed medications (i.e., pain medications) please inform Cristiana prior to attendance.  We also asked that you do not wear perfume or essential oils during the event/class as some folks are sensitive to fragrances.  Thank you!
 Master Class Resuming in Late 2017 - Information Coming Soon!
This is an opportunity to learn and understand the teachings, history and vibrations of various Ascended Masters.  This will be a weekly class in-person.  Students will be given materials and are expected to participate in discussion and to take notes.  A séance will be held once every 3 months with a selected Master of study.  Please note that you must be a current / active student to participate in the séance and to remain in the course; thus, each student is required to attend at least 3 of the 4 classes each month (unless there are extenuating circumstances and arrangements are made).  

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