About Mychael Shane


Mychael's Love is boundless and his dedication to the Masters' plan on earth is inspirational ...he truly changed my life ...deeply greatful ...thanks Mychael.
~ Sam B.

Thank God for you being on the planet! You are truly a gift! Thank you for your generous healings and your Ascended Masters. Looking forward to the future with your work and others. Also, thank God for your humor!
~ Michelle M.

My healing and development work with Mychael and the Masters has opened my heart to all possibilities, enabled me to discover my truth and honor my son for the beautiful individualized spirit he is. Thank you so much!
~ Cristiana A.

Rev. Mychael Shane is a certified physical medium of the ASSMPI Organization (American Society for Standards in Mediumship & Physical Investigation). As a physical medium and spiritual teacher, Rev. Shane has spent his life connecting to the Ascended Masters of Shamballah to bring forth their teachings and principles into the world. Rev. Shane offers healing, instruction and direct application so individuals can strengthen and fully realize their connection to the Spirit World, their Guides and Master Teachers; as well as, to work directly with the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters of Shamballah if a student seeks the calling.
Through Rev. Shane, the Ascended Masters of Shamballah seek to bring healing, education, change and world peace by assisting their students to create a connection to the higher realms, whereby the veil that separates the dimensions begins to fade.

"I believe everything that has been taught to me can be taught to others if they are willing to learn." - Rev. Mychael Shane

About The Ascended Masters:

We are creating an interdimensional community of higher learning, education, and healing.

Our vision is to serve as "Way-Showers" by providing a path of initiation, leading to the soul's reunion with Spirit, and assisting the spiritual evolution of the earth into Fifth Dimension consciousness.

To bring this vision into reality, we are an interactive, interdimensional community existing to:

1.  Spread the words and teachings of the Ascended Masters worldwide;
2.  Promote love, light and healing energy to self, others, and the planet;
3.  Provide opportunities for growth and self-transformation through esoteric traditions related to healing, spiritual and psychic development.

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