Readings & Healings

Rev. Shane offers a variety of psychic reading options & healing therapies.

Physical Phenomena Séances

Experience loving spirits create physical phenomena (such as apportation & materialization) using Rev. Shane as the vessel.

Individual & Group Training

Private training & group classes are available to develop your mediumship & intuitive abilities. 


About Mychael Shane

Rev. Mychael Shane is a certified physical medium of the ASSMPI Organization (American Society for Standards in Mediumship & Physical Investigation). As a physical medium and spiritual teacher, Rev. Shane has spent his life connecting to the Ascended Masters of Shamballah to bring forth their teachings and principles into the world.

"I believe everything that has been taught to me can be taught to others if they are willing to learn." - Rev. Mychael Shane


The Ascended Masters

 An introduction to some of the Ascended Masters, their stories and qualities  […]

What is Psychometry? (PSY)

Have you ever touched someone or something and gotten some kind of message — such as ideas, pictures, or words?  Do you pick up impressions […]

Scientific Evidence of Physical Phenomena

Results of testing on Rev. Shane at Basel PSI Institute in Switzerland […]


My experience with Mychael was exhilarating and healing. I was blown away with his knowingness about each & every person there. I felt like he was speaking to me personally.  I loved being in his presence.


Amazing event! Started with the sound of drums and then people were brought up for Healings on the table.  Lady Nada was so funny & kept things rolling along.  The people received the hands on healing and could feel the love & touch of big & small hands.  My friend Sharons pain in her shoulder has been gone since.  Full of fun & great people, this was the most amazing seance i’ve experienced.

Julia W.

The experience I had with Mychael was as though he was speaking directly to me even though we were in a group of 20. This event is a life changing event.


Mychael is such a loving gentle person and a profoundly powerful medium! The healing i received encouraged me to embrace life and love so much more deeply.  I cannot express my gratitude!

Ana D.

My healing and development work with Mychael and the Masters has opened my heart to all possibilities, enabled me to discover my truth and honor my son for the beautiful individualized spirit he is. Thank you so much!

Cristiana A.

Being at a event with Mychael was a profound experience, he was able to facilitate awakening and healing for each person in attendance while speaking with the whole. Each persons experience was unique for themselves and at the same time a wonderful group experience.


I was skeptical about this work until i got a private reading.  The reading was very uplifting, funny, loving and invaluable info was given to me. This will help me change issues of old!  Thanks

Paula B.

Mychael has changed my life for the better.  Working with him and the Masters has inspired me and brought me to new depths of experience within myself. I feel so grateful to have met him and to have experienced the incredible phenomena, energy and love that he is a vessel for.

Daniel H.

Prior to the event I had many thoughts and feelings. Each one was answered during the event and I felt uplifted again


Mychael’s Love is boundless and his dedication to the Masters’ plan on earth is inspirational …he truly changed my life …deeply greatful …thanks Mychael.

Sam B.

Thank God for you being on the planet! You are truly a gift! Thank you for your generous healings and your Ascended Masters. Looking forward to the future with your work and others. Also, thank God for your humor!

Michelle M.